Tampere 2015 Innovation Report

The theme of the 79th IS of EYP in Tampere: “Ideas change minds, people the world”  set an ambitious tone for a relaxed summer session. A session, where the participants are set to come up with ideas that change minds, and reflect on how they themselves can change the world, a session with two pillars: Ideas and Action. At the same time, Tampere 2015 was to take place under the Nordic principle of equality – where every participant was equally important and respected, and everyone could voice feedback, suggestions and contribute to the development of the session vision.

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This ambitious theme and an empowering setting of the session served as a catalyst to a number of innovations, that we would like to share with you.

Most prominently, for the first time in an IS-setting, Tampere introduced EYP Projects – tangible action plan of the committee to solve the issues outlined in the committee topic.

The Media Team revolutionised EYP journalism with the use of Broadcast and a session communication platform Slack ensuring that every single participant of the session has interacted with each other and the Media Team by the end of the session.

Finally a number of best practices and ideas were implemented to ensure the Nordic equality of all the participants.

We are very happy to share the learning points of Tampere 2015. We hope that many of them can live on at further events of European Youth Parliament. We remain available for specific support and advice when implementing the innovations at future EYP events.

On behalf of the Tampere 2015 officials’ teams,

Joanna ‘Asia’ Dreger

President of the 79th International Session of European Youth Parliament

You can find the full report here : Tampere 2015 Innovation Report

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