Tampere 2015


The European Youth Parliament (EYP) is an international organisation that seeks to promote a European dimension in education and give young people in Europe the opportunity to participate in a practical and positive learning experience. The EYP gives a voice to the youth and asks them to have their say in shaping the future of our common continent.


Interest in current affairs, the democratic process, independent thinking and personal initiative are key concepts for EYP activities. Young people are encouraged to be aware of the thoughts and characteristics of other nations, respect their differences and learn to work together for a common goal. The EYP constitutes a forum in which these young people can express their own opinions, without any political connotations or reverting to role-play. Thus, the European Youth Parliament is an independent and politically uncommitted organisation.

The most prominent parts of the EYP’s activities are the different kinds of sessions organised each year. They range from the three ten-day international sessions to regional, national and local sessions. Altogether, over twenty thousand young people take part in EYP activities each year. We, the head organising team, have experienced EYP and all that it has to offer. Now we want to offer new young people the possibility to exchange ideas. For this reason, in the summer of 2015, we are organising the 79th international session of the European Youth Parliament in Tampere Finland.

“Ideas change minds, people the world” being the theme of our international session, Tampere 2015 will coincide with the 20th anniversary of Finland’s accession to the European Union, bringing together 300 young Europeans. Tampere 2015, the 79th international session of the European Youth Parliament, is an idea from a few members of the EYP that hopes to change the world for young people by offering a platform for developing new ideas and skills.

Robert Torvelainen  / Project Manager

EYP (13)