Modern Communication Tool Taking an EYP Session to a New Level

Tampere 2015 is trying a whole new concept in attempt to transcend the borders that different teams of the session impose be that committees or officials’ teams. We will try to do this with the help of a digital platform called Slack.


To put it simply, Slack is a giant chatroom on steroids allowing people to chat, share files and pictures and to gather people together for quick discussions. It is a collection of chatrooms allowing also private messages and thus making it easy for participants to follow general information, discuss with their committee members, ask help from organisers, share a photo or to just chat privately with a new friend.

Take a look at the Slack FAQ for more info.

International Organiser – Josefine Wallenå

The session will kick off today, as the officials of Tampere 2015 arrive and gather in Tampere to prepare last things before the delegates arrive. You have had the chance to learn more about two of our three international organisers. Last one out is Josefine Wallenå, from Umeå, Sweden.

While studying media- and communication studies at Umeå University, she tries to make her free time last for all of her interests. She contributes the most of her time for the board of EYP Sweden as since the 1st of July, she has been the President. Aside from that she is also a board member for a gaming organisation in Umeå, organising a big LAN event, and working towards making the gaming community a better and a more gender equal place.


Josefine started in EYP in 2011 at the 7th National Session of EYP Sweden. In fact, she was never that into being a delegate as she found quickly her passion for organising. Ever since she has head-organised a regional session and an international forum, and been an organiser at a number of different events of EYP Sweden. She is now starting her fourth year on the board of EYP Sweden, where she was first on the Board of EYP Sweden’s Northern regional organisation before starting on the National Board of EYP Sweden. “Basically all my free time goes to EYP, and more…”.

Josefine is something every board of EYP dreams of. She is an organised, focused and a funny person interested in media, graphic design, gaming and her family. Together with her boyfriend she has two cats, named Ben and Jerry (yeah, any other ice cream fans around here?). She also loves her family’s dogs making her a part of the #teamcatsanddogs.

With her deep interest in media and graphic design, applying for a position as an international organiser working with design at Tampere 2015 was a no-brainer. “Two of my favourite things combined, what could go wrong?” Since Tampere IS is her first session abroad, many of you might not know her yet. However, we have an entire session to change that. Josefine and the rest of the organisers are waiting for you.

International Organisers – Meet Kira Lange

Hot chocolate and winter sports? Meet our second international organiser, Kira Lange, from Hamburg, Germany.

She finished school last year and is now in the final phase of her gap year. She works part-time at her old school as an afternoon supervisor and is just done with her applications to the university. Kira describes herself as a “many-sided European citizen” and a winter person loving skiing, snowboarding, ice-skating, watching ice-hockey and cosy evenings on the couch with some hot chocolate and her dog. When with Tom, you can break the ice by asking about photography, with Kira, you just need to mention any winter activity.


Apart from that she spends a considerable amount of her time doing EYP. And with a considerable amount of time, we mean attending all EYP Germany’s regional sessions, the national session and several international sessions – during one year.

Kira started in EYP in March 2013, when EYP Germany’s northern regional session was held at her own high school. Since then she has taken part in more than 10 sessions across Europe and head-organised one herself. Needless to say, she is familiar with the whole of EYP.
After having been a head organiser, Kira wanted a new challenge. She applied to be an organiser both at the international session in Leipzig and in Tampere. As you can guess by now, she is hooked. “I am extremely grateful to have the opportunity to gain even more experience in Tampere and I could not be more happy to see a lot of EYP people again at a summer IS!” Indeed, summer sessions tend to be something special worth waiting for. Countdown: 5 days.


Josefine Wallenå