Session Elements


Teambuilding starts an EYP session. At an international session it takes place for the first three days. Approximately fifteen students from all over Europe get together in a committee. Every member of a committee coming from very different background and having never met before need to function well together in order to function as a team aiming for the same goal and respecting each other by the end of the week. Different teambuilding activities take place with assistance of an expert team-builder in conjunction with the committee chairperson. The delegates of the committee take part in a variety of indoor and outdoor activities, all of them designed to create the best possible team-spirit.

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Committee Work

Committee work is the most central part of every European Youth Parliament session. The delegates come together having prepared for the topic before the session and having got to know each other during teambuilding, to discuss their given topic. Their goal is to write a resolution on the topic on which they can all agree upon. Every committee has an EYP alumnus, a chair for the group’s discussion, who is there for support, to chair the discussion and to ensure that everybody’s ideas are heard.

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The General Assembly

The General Assembly reunites all the participants of the session to debate the results of committee work. Each committee presents and defends their motion for a resolution. Every resolution is debated for approximately one hour by the Assembly. At the end of each debate there is a vote – based solely on the personal conscience of each delegate. The resolutions that pass are subsequently presented to the European Parliament, National Governments and other national and international bodies.

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Euroconcert is a significant part of international sessions. It is a gala like event full of talented music and dance performances often held in a concert hall. Euroconcert includes high quality music and dance pieces from the delegates and officials of the session and from local artists.

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Eurovillage is a fun evening activity that allows every nationality to present their own country, its culture, food and beverages. More than 30 nationalities are represented at international sessions so there are many tables to tour and try.

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Cultural Activities

One part of the session is also to get to know the city and the country where the session is held. In Tampere, we aim to have tours around the city and to show what summers in Finland are like. We want the visiting youth from all over Europe to also get to know the local youth and culture.

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